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The solution for medium to large farms.

A choice that pays
and pays off.


The 300 to 1,000 kW plants are suitable for medium to large agricultural and agro-livestock farms, or that take advantage of sewage, waste, and agricultural by-products from other farms as well. 
IES BIOGAS has implemented over 100 of this type of plants over time, building on its know-how and establishing itself at the top for this type of plants as the no. 1 reference company in Italy, the strength of its identity being that it is 100% made in Italy. Within this range also fall the 600 kW plants, which is the maximum power that can benefit at present from significant government incentives. A plant this size is able to introduce into the national grid up to 660 kWe, and to meet the energy needs of 2,000 families. 
1,000 kW Plants are the standard in larger farms, which have to dispose of large amounts of biomass. For a long time, they represented the type of plants with the most government incentives. Though the incentives for 300 to 1,000 kW plants have been reduced over time, it is also true that they still represent an entrepreneurial choice that is forward-looking and profitable, under many points of view.
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