Why install your plant with us.

Choosing IES BIOGAS:
all the advantages.

Does Biogas represent a totally positive choice? Much depends on the supplier in charge of the design and construction of the plant.
Choosing the wrong partner can lead to a chain of mistakes and frustrations, tantamount to the investment spent.
For our part, we would like to emphasize and summarize in 8 points all the benefits of choosing IES BIOGAS. With the firm conviction that there are only advantages: as our customers have been testifying for years.
1) 100% Italian Company, founded and led by Italians, with head office in Italy.
2) Plants handed over 100% turnkey, from the preliminary consultation all the way to the start-up.
3) Efficiency and production continuity close to 100%, proven by the installed plants.
4) Streamlining bureaucratic procedures, design, and construction in minimum time.
5) Low periodic maintenance, very little daily time devoted to feeding.
6) Materials, finishes, components, and plant design, all high standard, at the top of the range.
7)  Proximity to the customer, punctuality, flexibility, compliance with the agreements reached.
8) Continuous availability also in after-sales service for maximum satisfaction.