The green vision that guides us. 

Biogas that improves the environment and energy.

Biogas plants represent an intelligent and ecological interpretation of the possibility of turning waste into resources, while respecting and improving the environment. IES BIOGAS is actively involved in the promotion and demonstration of this principle.

The gas produced naturally by the fermentation of agricultural waste and animal manure, instead of being released into the atmosphere, is caught inside the tanks, purified, cooled, and used for producing electricity. At the same time, thermal energy is produced for district heating, as well as natural fertilizer of outstanding quality.

In effect, this process represents a reduction in air and aquifer pollution. Think for instance of methane, which when released into the atmosphere is 21 times more harmful for the greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide - which, unlike methane, is a natural air component essential to plant life.

Consequently, the fears of those who believe that biogas production may constitute an ecological danger or deterioration are proven groundless. The opposite is true: without biogas plants, organic waste would remain as such and its polluting capacity would be dispersed into the environment.

IES BIOGAS perceives its role as a company in accordance with the principles of sustainability and social and environmental responsibility. Its efforts are directed to minimize outsourcing, but rather to assume the outsourcing of other productive activities in order to enhance them as resources.

Even from the point of view of the landscape and of beauty, it conceives its plants so that they integrate harmoniously with the agricultural and rural background.