New technology.

The Biomethane is the future.

The next frontier is called biogas and biomethane we are involved at the forefront of the project iesbioup.
Biomethane is it?
The Biomethane is a gas derived from biogas1 that has undergone a process of upgrading (refining and purification ), bringing the concentration of methane CH4 to exceed 98 % . 
Like natural gas (methane fossil ) the Biomethane can:
• contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions ;
• be used as biofuel for motor vehicles;
• entered into the national grid ;
• transported and stored for subsequent energy production even in places far away from the production site.
The advantages of methane:
• renewable programabile ;
• reducing dependence on imports;
• development of the local economy ;
• environmental sustainability;
• a closed circuit ;
• maximum flexibility.
For this reason biomethane is a further development opportunities for all producers of biogas with a high degree of efficiency . In reference to the potential on the production of biomethane would be possible to get to cover in the medium term at least 10% of the national consumption of gas , by producing 7-8 billion cubic meters of biomethane agriculture. Considenrato that Italy imports 70 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year biomethane is key to reducing energy dependence Italian.
The activation of the agro-energy biomethane presents itself as an opportunity to pursue vigorously the perspective of the development of the green economy in our country.

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