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Reliability, experience, flexibility and client oriented service.

Solar energy
turnkey solutions.

IES PV POWER is the division of IES Energy Group exclusively dedicated to projects on the photovoltaic sector which with more than 10 years of experience and proven competence in the field of renewable energy is able to offer a wide range of solutions, products and systems.
Established and asserted in Italy,  it has been able to propose itself with great success on the international markets thanks to a continuous study and analysis of the best technologies and components, developing internally the plant’s monitoring and management software and following all the design phases, with an high-skilled internal staff and qualified partners.


IES PV POWER designs projects, supplies equipment and build-up plants of all sizes according to the specific needs and requirements of the customers and the profit target of the investors, guaranteeing maximum efficiency level and certified high-quality installations.


A turnkey solution followed step by sept through all the phases from the design and the project development to the plant’s management. IES  will never let you down on your own and will follow the complete project with maximum transparency  assuring stability, reliability and an high value. 
IES PV POWER performs and monitors with maximum precision each phase, checking each aspect: from the feasibility study to the material supply to the implementation and assistance in order to guarantee the continuous performance and a safe investment for the future with an high, constant and programmable profit.
Year after year IES PV POWER has been facing demanding challenges which enable to develop  valuable experience and know-how across the entire solar value chain delivering the most appropriate, efficient and flexible solutions to customers’ needs, according to different installation typologies:
Plants connected to the national grid
(linked to incentive programs, subsidies, tariffs, metering scheme)
Hybrid plants connected to the national grid with battery storage systems
  (maximize self-consumption according to electricity needs of the user)
Off-grid smart systems for villages and business activities with no grid  infrastructures
(with back-up units, such us diesel generator, etc.)
Off-grid systems for rural, isolated or mountain areas
(with or without battery storage systems) 
IES PV POWER started in Italy  where has executed numerous projects and it has been continuing its journey to harness the power of sun and enable solar energy for everyone. Having commissioned and developed projects in South America, the Balkans, Poland, Asia and Middle East. IES PV POWER is the forefront of the growing worldwide solar industry, enabling companies and people to switch to captive solar plants to power their factories and businesses. 
Reliability, experience, flexibility and client oriented service for a “green” energy to achieve the maximum energy and environmental performance. 
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