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Waste is a resource

The "INTEGRATED PLATFORM" applied to waste management.

IES WASTE is the Division specialized in the management and development of the entire waste cycle, starting from the stage of sorting and separating, passing through various treatments and recycling of major components (paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, glass), to the production of energy from the organic fraction (anaerobic digestion) and the secondary solid fuel and, finally, the production of compost (aerobic). The choice of the platform depends on economic variables (the best), social (the better for the environment) and regulations (availability of fares and incentives).
IES WASTE is able to find the best solution for your needs by analyzing preliminary feasibility study economic evaluation and analysis of geo-location.
The motto is: IES Circle - IES solution for "Circular Economy" indicated for some time, both by the European Community that from other prestigious and important organizations in the world, as the only way to sustainable development.

The revolution of the model of recycling.

For IES ENERGY Group, the word "recycle" is the elimination of the concept of ' waste ', recognising that everything has a value.
IES solutions are designed and developed with a long-term vision to be flexible, modular and scalable.
  • Flexibility: changes in the composition of the waste.
  • Modularity: changing input quantities.
  • Scalability: expansion of the platform.

Pillars of the INTEGRATED PLATFORM are:
  • Reduce the quantity of waste generated
  • Recycling - re-utilization - disposal
  • Decrease waste collection and management fees
  • Ensure an efficient and punctual