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We look after you. 24 hours a day, 100%.

We remain at your side after the plant has been built. The entire technical and biological start-up stage, and in-company training to be able to manage the plant autonomously, are followed directly by IES BIOGAS technicians till the plant is stable at full working capacity. 
Daily plant production cycle operations are controlled by an intuitive software, customisable on demand. The system communicates with us in remote assistance 24 hours a day, to signal any problems. If needed, we intervene fast.
We visit your farm regularly, for routine technical maintenance and to check the biological process. We have spare parts stock for all makes where we find parts needed for assistance purposes straight away, with no need to wait for normal supply delivery times. This guarantees maximum plant operating continuity, even if repairs and updating are needed. 
Our services are available to whoever requests them, even if the plant in question was not built by IES BIOGAS or needs our intervention just once-off.
Technical assistance operating 24 hours a day, high level spare parts and components fast, thus guaranteeing limited “plant downtimes”, to the advantage of profitability and efficiency. We also intervene on plants built by other manufacturers or designed with technologies that are not ours.
The best way to guarantee plant efficiency is to sign a full management contract with IESBIOGAS. We handle everything, including remote monitoring, for real time control and emergency intervention in case of need or anomalous indications. We also train your farm staff.
We adapt any plant to your growth objectives. To optimise and/or recover an existing reality, we study specific complete solutions, related to the plant owner’s objectives, in terms of both budget and impact on the existing structure. We restore, replace, implement and give new life to the plant.
The modernest technologies enable full monitoring and control of your plant at any time and in any place, guaranteeing safety and ready intervention if there are any problems. This activity is ongoing, with control of all process measurement indicators.
2.000 sq m assorted in depth containing spare parts of all makes, available straight away and ready to be installed. The service enables us to intervene within 24-48 hours without the plant losing productivity. It is also open for plants not installed by IES BIOGAS.
Besides handling the make-up of basic bacterial flora, we intervene in the periodical regulation of optimum sub-stratum composition, with a mobile analyses laboratory which measures production performance and indicates optimisation required.