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Finishes, components, and materials.

This is how you recognize a quality biogas plant.


The components that make up a biogas plant are numerous: pipes, valves, pumps, motors, inverters ... So are the materials that are used: from cement to steel, from copper to PVC. But obviously not all plants are equal, not all are of the same quality, as neither are the builders who install them. Choosing one finish rather than another for a pipeline, the installation of a certain type of digester or shredder, makes the difference between a normal or poor biogas plant and a quality biogas plant. The invitation that explicitly send everyone is: ask, control, check. In the details.


The choice of IES BIOGAS from this point of view is clear: 100% quality of the materials, components, and finishes. Without any compromise. The biogas plant is an investment that is too important and too critical in the life of an agro-livestock farm, and one cannot neglect apparent details that actually turn out to be fundamental. The first to demand this rigour from us are our customers, who choose us as a benchmark of high quality industry standards.


Some specific examples can help you understand. In the case of a close range district heating plant connected to a biogas production, we use insulating flexible tubes with an outer cover which is often up to 50 cm thick. For valves, we use only slide valves with built-in scraper system and operation by hand wheel. Shredders are last generation, often combined at the pump to obtain homogeneity of operation. These and many others are the ingredients of a quality biogas plant.