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Much more than electricity.

Biogas energy savings equal here is a concrete demonstration. 

The heating of a communal swimming pool highlights the benefits of cogeneration.

Biomass filled in a biogas plant has produced power, digestate (fertilizer) and heat. If the first two products much you talk, the less attention is usually paid to the warmth, that instead deserves ample consideration to the additional energy savings that may result. As demonstrated in this case.
The heat produced by the internal combustion engine of a biogas plant can in fact be used for district heating, not only the stables and agricultural environments neighbors, but from any structure located near the plant. This is what happens today at the municipal pool in San Vito al Tagliamento (PN), which is heated by the heat produced by a plant IES BIOGAS.
The project takes its first steps in 2010, when the farm Ambrosio commissioned IES BIOGAS a biogas plant of 999 kW. Subsequently, in consultation with the council the idea of ​​giving in to the heat produced by the swimming pool.
The communal pool is well connected by a pipe that carries hot water at a constant temperature between 60° and 90°C, ensuring not only a significant savings in economic terms but also CO2 emissions.
Here is how a biogas plant can generate positive effects on well-being and the territory surrounding it and not only to the farms. A further demonstration that biogas, environment and society are closely linked.