Biogas and biomethane for a sustainable future

March, 2020


The latest report of the International Energy Agency – IEA, recognizes biogas and biomethane an important role in a truly sustainable future: these renewable gases can now cover 20% of global demand, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, through the document “Outlook for biogas and biomethane: Prospects for organic growth“, the Agency points out, with data evidence, that the world is using only a fraction of the potential production of biogas and biomethane from organic waste – agro-food waste and by-products, animal manure, municipal solid waste, wastewaters, etc. – and provides some estimates, assessing the availability of sustainable raw materials and production costs all over the world.

In particular, the availability of raw materials for biogas and biomethane production, defined as “clean energy sources with multiple benefits for sustainable development”, is expected to grow up to 40% by 2040. According to Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the AIE, “a boost from governments can give the necessary impetus to biogas and biomethane, with benefits for the energy, transport, agriculture and environment sectors”.

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