Biomethane plants, Snam: agreement with Asja Ambiente Italia

December, 2021

This initiative is in line with Snam’s growth strategy in the biomethane sector to contribute to the development of a key supply chain in the domestic green transition strategy

Snam, through its subsidiary Snam4Environment active in the field of biomethane and circular economy, has signed an agreement with Asja Ambiente Italia, a company that since 1995 has been operating in the production of green energy from biogas, biomethane, wind power and photovoltaics. This agreement sets out the acquisition of a portfolio of plants and development projects in the field of FORSU (organic fraction of municipal solid waste) treatment and biomethane production.

More specifically, in the first phase, this transaction relates to the acquisition of four companies that own recently-built operating plants located in Liguria, Lazio and Umbria, with an expected useful life of 20 years, and the entry into a company owning a plant under construction and one under development in Sicily. These plants have an overall capacity of about 8.5 MW, including 6 MW in operation for an enterprise value of approx. 100 million euros.

This agreement also sets out that, should certain conditions meet, Snam may over time acquire from Asja additional five companies owning further plants with a total capacity of approximately 16 MW, two of which are under construction in Piedmont and Lombardy, and three are undergoing the permitting phase in Sicily.

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