EBA, Renewable Gas Success Stories 2020

November, 2020


The European Biogas Association EBA published the new edition of the Success Stories, with the latest positive developments from the biogas and biomethane sectors.

The present booklet features some of the many success stories that are facilitating the effective energy transition in Europe. Written in collaboration with all the members, the publication gathers 50 case studies providing a reference on how the biogas and biomethane sectors are developing innovative and sustainable solutions to facilitate the energy transition.

IES Biogas presented the project “Bio Verola Biomethane production plant. A sustainable solution for the future of agriculture and mobility” (on page 43 of the new edition).  It is a virtuous example of circular economy and a greenfield plant built in the Brescia area: it produces 300 Sm³/h of biomethane. The first cubic meter was injected into Snam grid last September. Every year 2,7 million Sm³ of advanced biomethane for sustainable transport are produced, resulting from the anaerobic digestion of 150 tons/d of residues, agricultural by-products, livestock manure and catch crops, with a saving of over 2,000 tons of equivalent oil and almost 4,000 tons of CO2 less in the atmosphere. From the digestate, organic fertilizer is produced, which reduces the use of chemical products. Used in fields, it enriches them with organic matter and nutrients, storing carbon in the soil.

“Biogas and biomethane – said the association – have a key role to play in the transition towards a carbon neutrality and resource-efficient economy. The EBA is committed to promoting the versatility of our sector by stimulating further research and development and implementation of new technologies as well as to raising awareness on socio-economic and environmental benefits”.

Download Biogas Success Stories 2020 (PDF)


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