Food Waste. A new IES Biogas project in France

January, 2021


In France, IES Biogas it will start the modernisation of the Idex Environnement Picardie plant, in Amiens, enhancing the out-of-date food from the large distribution and catering to produce biogas. The by-products of the food industry represent an incredible opportunity to produce energy and promote circular and sustainable economies.

Built in 1988, Idex Environnement Picardie is the oldest biogas plant in Europe and a virtuous example of a circular economy that enhances Food Waste.

A new line will treat 20,000 ton/y of food waste to produce 2,2 million m3 of biogas for an annual electricity production of 6 million kWh. In the overall renovation (€20 million), the company will deal in particular with:

– Pretreatment of waste with depackaging
– Pasteurization with regenerative system
– Anaerobic digestion
– Separation of digestate

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