Green hydrogen, EU launches 2050 roadmap

July, 2020

Renewable hydrogen is at the heart of the European Commission’s strategy which aims to eliminate the Union’s net GHG emissions by 2050 and achieve its “Green Deal”, making Europe the first net-zero continent.

In order to promote the development of a hydrogen economy in Europe, the Commission has also created the Clean Hydrogen Alliance, a forum open to institutions, companies and representatives of civil society with a role of proposal and stimulus. At the launch of the alliance, in addition to Vice President Frans Timmermans and Commissioners Kadri Simson (Energy) and Thierry Breton (Internal Market), the ministers of various European governments and the CEOs of Bosch, Michelin, Snam and Verbund also took part.

The European Commission estimates that the share of hydrogen in the wider energy mix should increase from today’s less than 2% to 13-14% by 2050 and that between 180 and 470 billion euros could be invested in the production of green hydrogen (ie hydrogen obtained exclusively from renewable sources and not from fossil fuels) in the next 30 years.

The hydrogen, due to its characteristics, will in fact provide an efficient and affordable energy solution to the many sectors who have struggled to take advantage of renewable energy sources in the past. The hydrogen has strong potential in the transport and storage of electricity produced from renewable sources, which have always been weak points, offering back-up support for seasonal variations and systems of connection between the places of production and consumption, all whilst using the already existing structures for the transport of the gas. It can also replace the use of fossil fuels in certain industrial activities with high levels of emissions, such as the steel and chemical industries. And it can be used as fuel for heavy goods vehicles on the road, trains, ships and planes.

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