The Eu Green Deal in the fast lane with biomethane in transport

July, 2020

The EBA European Biogas Association has prepared together with NGVA Europe (Natural & bio Gas Vehicle Association) a leaflet on the current uptake of biomethane and its potential to decarbonise transport in the coming years. The 17% biomethane is used today to fuel natural gas vehicles (NGVs) in 25% of Europe’s refuelling network: this results in a 35% reduction of emissions when compared to conventional fuels.

In 2030, 40% biomethane will be available to power the entire NGV fleet reducing overall GHG emissions by 55% and delivering up to 1 million jobs. Europe’s 2030 estimated natural gas vehicle fleet would result in a yearly fuel cost saving of more than 4.5 billion Euros. The local production of clean fuels helps cities deliver their share in a circular bioeconomy by reducing biowaste and air pollution.

For further details:

Full press release (pdf)

Leaflet ‘The European Green Deal: In the Fast Lane with Biomethane in Transport (pdf)

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