New IES Biogas warehouse: guarantee of an efficient service at all times

November, 2020



The new IES Biogas warehouse is finally up and running. Distributed on 3,000 square meters, it represents another important step in the growth strategy of the company, which currently manages the technical and biological assistance of more than 300 biogas and biomethane plants.

The need to widen the spaces dedicated to logistics was born to respond to the increase in the number of contracts concluded by Biogas 24, the IES division dedicated to service, which promotes on the national and international territory a management and surveillance system, able to guarantee solving interventions 24 hours a day.

The warehouse will host the wide range of spare parts and multi-brand components of high quality, always available and ready for installation, allowing to reduce delivery times and ensure customers an even more efficient assistance.

With a qualified team of technicians, Biogas 24 offers a service that avoids plant downtime and improves performance through scheduled maintenance, even on biogas plants built by different manufacturers and designed or built with different technologies.

A dedicated service that can be tailored to the characteristics of the plant and customized to the specific needs of the company: interventions always take into account the technical status of the plant, which is regularly examined by professionals to ensure the ideal conditions for its perfect operation.

Biogas 24 interventions

Biogas 24 packages and programs of technical and biological assistance



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