Our website becomes more… green!

September, 2020


Today we present ourselves online with a new face, more akin to our mission and philosophy. Since 2008, the aim of IES Biogas has been to build efficient and cutting-edge biogas and biomethane plants, always in line with technological innovations, with an eye to the future and a concrete care to the environment, planet, people’s health and safety.

In addition to renewing our graphic layout, we want a site that speaks not only about us, the services we offer and our goals, but also about our customers, our world and the future opportunities it offers. Therefore, in the new website there is space for showing the activities of our four divisions (IES Agri&Farm, IES FoodIndustry, IES Waste and IES Biogas24), some more technical sections on the operation of the plants, case histories and customer witnesses, and a window on current events, represented by GreenGasNews, a watchful and updated eye on the latest news in the sector.

“A project – says Marco Mazzero, CEO of IES Biogas – on which we worked hard to find a digital product that was not only aesthetically pleasant and easy to use, but also useful to those of us who deal with biogas and biomethane and want to actively participate in the energy transition, contributing to the decarbonisation process. We are pleased to share news about our projects, current news about our sector, insights on topics of interest with our customers, partners and all the characters of the world of renewable energy. We hope, therefore, it will be a useful and topical tool with high performance, like our plants”.

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