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Interview with Angelo Fava

October, 2019

Farm Angelo Fava

Do the breeder, in a comprehensive manner.

“In a modern vision, harmonious agro-animal husbandry, my company just lacked the biogas plant.
There is now”.

This is what he says with satisfaction Angel Fava, according to which, to make the profession of the breeder, today we must be able to integrate the whole process of production agriculture, this is also related to animal manure. A valuable resource, already present in the company, for use with wisdom and foresight. The biogas plant thus becomes the engine of a structural innovation, bearer of many benefits.

In which context is its biogas plant?

I have a farm of 250 hectares with 1,300 head of cattle. IT IS in a hilly area, Tortona, near Alexandria.

With a plant biogas from…

999 KWH supplied mainly to manure. Nor do I post about 200 quintals per day with the addition of other biomass, by-products and agricultural waste.

From when it is active?

The system is running exactly from January 26, 2012. I remember in memory the date, i’ll remember.

IT IS such an important day?

I wanted to see exactly one year of distance which would have been the yield.

And has been satisfactory?

Then, a year after, the January 26, 2013 the plant marked (are certified data) an operation for 8,742 hours. If you think that 365 days equals 8,760 hours … in essence was stopped for only 18 hours, less than a day, over a period of a year.

A good result.

Consider that over the course of the year under review there was also the starting phase, lasts 10 days, during which the system has obviously lower performance because it must develop. Yet the average production, despite is comprised of the boot, was of 991 kWh. If it is not by Guinness Book of Records, we’re nearly there.

The idea to do a biogas plant the has failed to resolve the problem of the excrements?

Not only is the fact that i wanted to find a solution to the problem of manure, especially in the winter it becomes difficult to manage. The point is precisely that i wanted to change system to make agriculture, by adopting a concept of continuous cycle production, where all the rings are chained together. The biogas plant was the missing link in a modern understanding of the farmer and the farmer. Then consider that the digestato, the residual product of the biogas and fertilizer a lot better than the manure.

When it is started the whole thing and how did you hear about IES BIOGAS?

I first started thinking about the biogas still in 2009, then in 2010 i decided that i would have certainly installed a plant. The problem was with whom. I have known IES for case, thanks to a friend. At the time was not yet a reality so famous as it is today. They had a very strong growth in recent years.

And what has convinced to choose IES BIOGAS?

The seriousness. Because he knows, the seriousness in words we have all, i have never met one who could tell me if that is not serious in the job. But demonstrate the seriousness on the field is another thing. This is a quality that i perceived immediately, since the first quote is from the first meeting, very honest and competent. There was a feeling impressive. We met twice for dinner and i immediately liked, i had no doubts. I no longer asked for quotes.

There is a technical detail that has particularly convinced?

The system of stirring of the masses in the fermenter. I felt different bells on this topic, the advice of IES i found that the more competent, and in fact proved the right one, perfect. I am extremely happy with.

In what it intends to repay the investment.

This step in 5-6 years i have paid off completely. Then then there will be only gains. But the notion that i have said is important. It is more than an investment on a source of income. IT IS the logical completion is necessary for my farm.


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