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IES Agri&Farm

IES Agri&Farm is the division specialized in the design, construction, management and assistance of biogas and biomethane plants for the agricultural and zootechnical sector.
Thanks to the modular and flexible technology, it offers a range of complete and innovative solutions for multiple application areas, representing the natural completion of a modern agro-technical company.


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a new source of income for your business

The experience and technologically advanced solutions have allowed IES Biogas to approach the needs of farmers with tailor made services, turnkey projects, quality materials and components.
Thanks to the 100% efficient IES Biogas plants, agricultural waste and zootechnical waste become resources for farmers and breeders: transformed into biogas, they produce energy generating income for the company.

IES BIOGAS, partner always by your side


IES BIOGAS analyzes the chances of success of the project. It proposes the solution for each customer, through technical-economical feasibility studies, both for private individuals and public administrations.


IES BIOGAS coordinates the authorization process for the construction and operation of the plant, processing the planning and administrative documentation and managing relations with the competent authorities.



IES BIOGAS uses and integrates the best technologies on the market, in order to always offer bespoke solutions, managing the executive project, coordinating the architectural and structural, plant and technological aspects.


IES BIOGAS acting as General Contractor, supporting the customer from the feasibility study to the management of the system, ensuring the control of all phases of the project with turnkey solutions.


The plant is first tested on each individual component and then started with the insertion of biomass and the biological and technical set-up, in order to guarantee the perfect operation and functionality of the system.


IES BIOGAS supports the customer with a complete service, from technical support (maintenance and biological assistance) to administrative (GSE reports and inspection bodies) and commercial assistance (management of waste delivery and disposal).

With BIOGAS, not only fertilizer

Agriculture and livestock have always used agricultural byproducts by integrating them into the production cycle, mainly as fertilizer.

Today, with one of our 100% efficient plants, your company can transform agricultural by-products or zootechnical waste into biogas.

Building a biogas or biomethane plant is a stimulus for innovation and makes your company modern and efficient.

Le tue risorse

Your resources

Agricultural by-products, sewage, manure and other organic residues from the agro-food industry, are real resources to be used to feed your biogas/biomethane plant.

Il tuo guadagno

Your profit

Electricity, heat and biomethane produced by your biogas plant and intended for sale to third parties or for the company’s self-consumption, allow you to earn and save on all energy costs.

Il tuo lavoro quotidiano

Your daily work

Your plant will produce fertilizer: with digestate, residue from biogas production, you can fertilize the fields, from which the products, by-products and fodder will derive, thus feeding a virtuous cycle in the company.

Here is your company, 100% integrated with biogas

Biogas is a clean, inexhaustible, efficient and profitable energy. It is produced by the IES Biogas plant with a continuity of efficiency close to 100%.

Biogas can be converted into:

  • BIOMETHANE for input in the network or marketed (CNG or LNG)
  • ELECTRICITY used by the company and sold to the national electricity grid
  • HEAT used in part for the fermentation process, in part to heat the company’s rooms (or rooms outside it)
  • DIGESTATE (final residue from biogas production), an excellent quality fertilizer

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A biogas and biomethane plant is an important choice for a company.
It means converting to renewable energy and adopting new green business strategies, seizing all the opportunities offered by the circular economy.
A sustainable choice, which produces profits for the company and protects the environment.