We turn waste
into renewable energy

We create innovative integrated platforms
for municipal solid waste management and
we extract resources and energy from it.

IES WASTE is the division specialized in the management and valorisation of the entire waste cycle, starting from the selection and separation phase, through the various treatments and recycling of the main components (paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium, glass) up to the production of energy from the organic fraction, to the post-treatment of the material not destined to anaerobic digestion.


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With our innovative platforms,
we manage Municipal Solid Waste and extract energy from it.

IES Biogas, thanks to its research and development department and consolidated know-how, is able to offer all the latest technologies on the market to every single customer, in every part of the world.

IES Biogas guarantees a turnkey realization, from the preliminary feasibility study to the service, during the entire life cycle of the plant.

IES, partner always by your side


IES BIOGAS analyzes the chances of success of the project. It proposes the solution for each customer, through technical-economical feasibility studies, both for private individuals and public administrations.


IES BIOGAS coordinates the authorization process for the construction and operation of the plant, processing the planning and administrative documentation and managing relations with the competent authorities.


IES BIOGAS uses and integrates the best technologies on the market, in order to always offer bespoke solutions, managing the executive project, coordinating the architectural and structural, plant and technological aspects.


IES BIOGAS acting as General Contractor, supporting the customer from the feasibility study to the management of the system, ensuring the control of all phases of the project with turnkey solutions.


The plant is first tested on each individual component and then started with the insertion of biomass and the biological and technical set-up, in order to guarantee the perfect operation and functionality of the system.


IES BIOGAS supports the customer with a complete service, from technical support (maintenance and biological assistance) to administrative (GSE reports and inspection bodies) and commercial assistance (management of waste delivery and disposal).

From waste to resource

The entire waste cycle can be managed and valorised through an integrated platform that selects, separates, processes and recycles the main components to produce energy from the organic fraction and compost.

With one of our 100% efficient plants, your company can produce biogas from Municipal Solid Waste and its Organic Fraction.

Building a biogas or biomethane plant is an encouragement for innovation and makes your company modern and efficient.

Le tue risorse

Your resources

The organic fraction of municipal solid waste is a real resource, to be used to feed the biogas plant.

Il tuo guadagno

Your profit

The biogas plant will produce electricity, heat and biomethane, for self-consumption and/or for sale to third parties. Savings on all energy costs.

Il tuo lavoro quotidiano

Your daily work

At the end of anaerobic digestion, the remaining organic fraction will be composted. The compost produced can be used to cover landfills or for the production of CSS (Combustibile Solido Secondario, i.e. Secondary Solid Fuel).

An innovative platform, 100% integrated with biogas.

Biogas is a clean, inexhaustible, efficient and profitable energy. Produced by your IES Biogas plant with a continuous efficiency close to 100%, biogas is converted into:

BIOMETHANE for feeds into the grid or marketed in CNG or LNG form;

ELECTRICAL ENERGY used by your company and in addition sold to the electric national grid;

HEAT used partly for the fermentation process, partly to heat the environment of your company (or external environments);

DIGESTATE (final residue of biogas production), an excellent quality fertilizer.

Biological Mechanical Treatment


IES Biogas uses the best solutions for treatment and recovery of the waste. Through its highly customized offer, it offers flexible and modular mechanical-biological treatment systems, integrated with the best technologies.

The objective is twofold:

  • Reduce disposal costs by reducing the volume of waste;
  • Maximize profits from the reuse of recovered materials,

This process can be used on the municipal waste or on the residual part downstream of the recycling operations.

The IES Biogas Biologic Mechanical Treatment is based on an innovative biological drying process (bio-drying), which recovers material suitable for reuse and recycling, adapting and completely satisfying the economic and legislative requirements. The result is a fraction of dehydrated waste (reduction in weight up to 30%), an important reduction of odorous emissions, energy enhancement, recovery of most of the materials and an important reduction of waste to take to landfill.

The main output of this process is the Secondary Solid Fuel, CSS. It is an alternative energy source that, thanks to conventional thermal technologies or advanced conversion techniques, can be enhanced/transformed into heat or electricity.

In order to always offer the best solution to those who choose to rely on IES Biogas, the Biological Mechanical Treatment processes are combined by experienced staff to best adapt them to the customers’s needs.

Single flow system

In the single flow system, all shredded waste is sent to bio-drying to produce a dehydrated and homogeneous waste. With subsequent mechanical separation, the materials are sent to recycling or waste-to-energy plants to produce coal replacement fuel for cement factories and power plants.

The residual part, which cannot be recovered, is less than 20% of the waste entering treatment, and is disposed of in landfills, significantly reducing the environmental impact compared to the waste as it is (reduction in volumes, reduction in odours and reduction in leachates).

The single flow mechanical biological treatment solution, based on bio-drying, has proven over the years to be the best solution applicable during the transition phase towards the integrated management of Municipal Waste.

Case History


A biogas and biomethane plant is an important choice for a company.
It means converting to renewable energy and adopting new green business strategies, seizing all the opportunities offered by the circular economy.
A sustainable choice, which produces profits for the company and protects the environment.