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Biogas 24 also offers assistance in Italy and abroad on biogas plants built by different manufacturers and designed with different technologies.

Emptying tanks
  • Slurry and digestate removal
  • Complete cleaning of the inside of the tank in preparation for subsequent major maintenance activities: restoration of cement and resination, maintenance of the heating system, replacement of any corroded metal parts inside the digester.
Major maintenance
  • Tank opening with removal of external and internal membranes
  • Net cleaning
  • Emptying tanks
  • Structural restoration of digesters: hydro-sandblasting, cement, resin
  • Checking and eventual restoration and testing of the heating circuit
  • Restoration of any corroded parts inside the digester (suction and delivery lines)
  • Maintenance of mixing systems/mixers
  • Belt tensioning and net cleaning
  • Repositioning internal and external membranes
  • Maintenance on the edge of the tank: cleaning of gas lines, gas down conductors, chimneys, control of safety valves, inspection portholes, pumping systems
Restoration and replacement of tarps
  • Visual and/or instrumental inspection (thermal imaging camera) for gas leak detection
  • On-site repair of internal/external membranes
  • Internal/external membrane replacements
  • Maintenance and/or restoration of blowers, chimney cleaning
  • Restoring seals with tank edge sealing
Feeding and loading systems
  • Routine and extraordinary maintenance of all solid and liquid material supply units
Pumping system
  • Maintenance and/or replacement interventions on positive displacement and centrifuges pumps
  • Plant piping verification
Mixing devices
  • Replacing and repairing agitators, electric and hydraulic, with internal or external motorisation
  • Replacement of all stainless-steel support parts for agitators inside the tanks
  • Implementation of new mixing systems with fluid-dynamic simulations
Maintenance of hydraulic / electrical plant
  • Interventions on thermal distribution systems
  • Plant piping interventions
  • Maintenance and/or restoration of the biology panel and all service panels
  • General maintenance on the electrical system
  • Maintenance, replacement or repair of level sensors, thermocouples, gas sensors, system monitoring sensors
  • Plant PLC activities (restoration, verification and assistance)
  • Hardware and software revamping of systems of different technologies without downtime
  • Development of the new plant management software
  • Replacing hardware components
  • Final testing
  • Full biological assistance with acquisition of ingredients that promote fermentation
  • Process biology tracking
  • Adjustment calculations in case of change of ingredients
  • Sampling and measurement of sediment to evaluate the full plant functionality: Sediment Check

BIOGAS24, we'll take care of everything

BIOGAS24 is the division that offers technical and biological assistance both on IES technology plants and on plants designed or built with different technologies.

A h24 coverage anywhere in the world.

It promotes a management and surveillance system, able to guarantee resolutive interventions 24 hours a day on national and international territory.

With its own technicians and spare parts warehouses, Biogas24 offer a service that avoids plant downtime and improves performance through scheduled maintenance.

3.000 sqm warehouse

The Biogas24 warehouse is at your disposal 24/7 to optimise time and costs and improve plant performance.

An assortment of high quality spare parts and multi-brand components ready for installation.

For a top service and fast intervention.

Even on systems with different technologies.

Your spare parts in 24 hours


We guarantee the best performance for your system

Biogas24 ensures a dedicated service, which can be modulated on the characteristics of the plant and customized to the needs of the company.

The intervention considers the technical status of the plant, which is examined at regular intervals by one of our experts or by our Operation Manager, to always guarantee the ideal conditions for its perfect operation.

100% profitability

Fast intervention and limited downtime
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