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Technical assistance

BIOGAS24 guarantees a 100% Made in Italy and h24 technical assistance, providing high quality spare parts and components and ensuring limited downtime, to the benefit of profitability and efficiency.

It responds promptly to every single need.

Our teams of specialised technicians follow updating programs to improve their knowledge and offer an even more incisive and effective problem solving.

BIOGAS24 also offers assistance on plants from other manufacturers or concieved with different design and process technologies.



  • Personal training and assistance in plant start-up
  • Maximum system efficiency and cancellation of downtime
  • Integrated service and customised maintenance packages
  • Operational flexibility during the plant life cycle
  • Warranty and availability of intervention 24 hours a day

Our service packages

The telecontrol from remote of the plant is the foundation of our interventional proposals. Current technologies allow us a complete monitoring and control, at any time and place, of the plant, guaranteeing by our service team an excellent safety and prompt intervention in case of anomalies.

“FULL-SERVICE” Assistance

We remain at your side 24-hours a day with a telephone service of guaranteed availability and the possibility of intervention within 24 hours of the notification in case of plant downtime.

A team of specialized technicians, who always have spare parts available in our warehouses, carries out an initial diagnostic activity through remote control of the plant, then proceeding with on-site activities to restore its full efficiency.

“SILVER” Assistance

We remain at your side with a 24-hour telephone service and with the guarantee of a schedule of intervention activities, from the first notification phase. A first diagnostic activity is performed through the control from remote of the plant, then proceeding with the on-site activities to restore its full efficiency.

A biological team to ensure high yields

Biological assistance

The biological process is the beating heart of an implant. Regardless of the substrates used, biological efficiency is the determining factor in achieving high and constant production performance.

The IES Biogas biological team follows the customer day after day, with an equipped laboratory, also in mobility, equipped with the best analysis equipment, ensuring periodic supervision of the biological process.

Our programs

Plant Start-up Program

We offer support from the start-up phase up to full plant monitoring, from the pre-construction phase (when we check the available substrate of your company) to the start-up phase up to full plant assembly.

Support Program

We intervene with an agreed program to monitor in the field the plant parameters and his general status of operation.

SOS program

Interventions in case of biological emergency aimed at an immediate restoration of the biological conditions of maximum planting productivity.

Analytical Program

  • We carry out sampling and collections for on-site analysis, providing immediate answers about the current status of the biological process.
  • We carry out sampling and collection for analysis conducted in accredited laboratories in the management of the biological process, optimizing and stabilizing the plant performance.

Nutritional Program

We provide a 24-hour organic support, including formulation of recipes, development of matrices, use of products, etc.

We guarantee the best performance for your system

BIOGAS24 ensures a dedicated service, which can be modulated on the characteristics of the plant and customized to the needs of the company.

The intervention considers the technical status of the plant, which is examined at regular intervals by one of our experts or by our Operation Manager, to always guarantee the ideal conditions for its perfect operation.

100% profitability

Fast intervention and limited downtime
Technical assistance 100% Made in Italy
Maximum efficiency

Sediment Check

Sediment collection and measurement to assess the full functionality of the systeme

Sediment Check is the only patented system able to carry out different measuring points and sampling of sediment present in the tanks without any loss of production.

The service allows to:

  • verify the presence, quantity and type of possible deposit
  • improve the efficiency of the mixing system
  • determine the actual fermentation volume
  • assess the cost-effectiveness of a cleaning or emptying operation
Sediment Check 2 Bietifin
sediment check bietifin

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