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IES Biogas is an Italian company specialised in the design, construction and management of biogas and biomethane plants.

For 14 years it has been working professionally, realizing technologically advanced made in Italy projects, always providing to the costumer the best solution, tailor made and turnkey.

IES Biogas fully meet the needs of the market in terms of construction and safety, but also management and automation. The architechtural and executive design, the piping, the software, the electrical and hydraulic system, are entirely developed on site, guaranteeing the customer a tailor made and quality product.

We have developed specific and innovative technologies for each sector, thanks to our IES Agri&Farm, IES FoodIndustry, IES Waste and Biogas24 divisions.


IES Biogas invest in renewable energy, and in green and circular economy.

It proposes intelligent solutions for the energy transformation of renewable resources, developing skills and project at international level and protecting nature and biodiversity.

It acts according to the principles of environmental and social responsibility, basing its business model on an increasingly sustainable and decarbonized

economy, where renewable gas represent an opportunity and a resource for the environment and for companies.

In the important challenge of energy transition, IES Biogas shares good practices and sustainability targets towards the goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

Compliance with the most binding safety and quality regulations and standards, high level of plant automation and a company policy linked to energy saving and efficiency are an important commitment for IES Biogas, which involves the whole organization and develops a growing investment in research and innovation.

IES BIOGAS in the world

Over the years, IES Biogas has launched an ambitious internationalization process towards other European countries and overseas, building plants in Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Greece, France, Argentina, Indonesia, Philippines and Korea, relying on an important sales network all over the world.

In addition to the Pordenone headquarter, the sales and service hub for the entire South American market is operative in Buenos Aires.


A successfull story

Founded in 2008, IES Biogas has built in a few years more than 220 plants gaining a leading position in the biogas and biomethane sector and consolidating its role in the agricultural world through its dedicated division, IES Agri&Farm.

In 2015 the IES FoodIndustry and IES Waste divisions were launched, dedicated to the construction of plants in the waste and food industry.

Through Biogas24, the division entirely dedicated to service and plant management, all the projects carried out by IES Biogas have achieved outstanding performance.

  • 2008

    First installation built

  • 2009

    10 contracts signed in the agricultural sector

  • 2010

    Remote control of plants

  • 2011

    New headquarters 100 installations built

  • 2012

    Research and Development Department +270%

  • 2013

    Developed Biogas24 and biology laboratory

  • 2014

    Starting Biomethane project

  • 2015

    International sales network

  • 2016

    Establishment of new WASTE division

  • 2017

    First installation built in Argentina & Croatia

  • 2018

    Acquisition by SNAM First OFMSW/biomethane

  • 2019

    New projects Indonesia Philippines China France

A Snam company

Since July 2018 IES Biogas has become part of the Snam Group, leader in Europe in the energy transition and management of natural gas infrastructures, currently committed in the development of a biomethane spinneret in Italy and beyond.

Thanks to this operation, the company confirms its leadership in the agricultural and waste sector and further develops its presence in the industrial sector, providing solutions and projects that are always technologically advanced, flexible and tailored to each customer.

Our Case History

A biogas and biomethane plant is an important choice for a company.
It means converting to renewable energy and adopting new green business strategies, seizing all the opportunities offered by the circular economy.
A sustainable choice, which produces profits for the company and protects the environment.