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Our goal is to build plants that can fully meet market requirements in terms of construction and safety, but also in terms of management and automation.

For private and public investors we assume the role of General Contractor with the function of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management).

The project is coordinated from the feasibility study to the management of the plant: we take care of all the bureaucratic practices and techniques, creating and offering turnkey solutions, ensuring maximum guarantee in terms of quality, execution times and performance.


IES BIOGAS analyzes the chances of success of the project. It proposes the solution for each customer, through technical-economical feasibility studies, both for private individuals and public administrations.


IES BIOGAS coordinates the authorization process for the construction and operation of the plant, processing the planning and administrative documentation and managing relations with the competent authorities.



IES BIOGAS uses and integrates the best technologies on the market, in order to always offer bespoke solutions, managing the executive project, coordinating the architectural and structural, plant and technological aspects.


IES BIOGAS acting as General Contractor, supporting the customer from the feasibility study to the management of the system, ensuring the control of all phases of the project with turnkey solutions.


The plant is first tested on each individual component and then started with the insertion of biomass and the biological and technical set-up, in order to guarantee the perfect operation and functionality of the system.


IES BIOGAS supports the customer with a complete service, from technical support (maintenance and biological assistance) to administrative (GSE reports and inspection bodies) and commercial assistance (management of waste delivery and disposal).

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Guaranteed Plant


The biogas or biomethane plant is an important investment for the growth of your company. To be profitable, it must be built to perfection. For this reason, we ensure in all our contracts the guarantee of good execution.