Snam: increased investments in the 2021-2025 plan

December, 2021

Snam CEO Marco Alverà presented the 2021-2025 plan with a vision to 2030, approved by the Board of Directors’ meeting chaired by Nicola Bedin.

Snam will be able to take advantage of new and relevant development opportunities throughout the next decisive decade, in which a strong acceleration of the energy transition is required to achieve net zero targets with rising investments; more specifically, in energy transport and storage infrastructure, as well as in projects along the entire green gases value chain. For this reason, in addition to the plan to 2025, which includes investments already in the money today, Snam has developed a longer-term vision to 2030.

“With our new plan to 2025 and vision to 2030 – Marco Alverà said – we continue and accelerate Snam’s evolution. Over the last six years, we have started work on the repurposing of our infrastructure, strengthened our international presence and launched new start-ups in the energy transition Snam will progressively focus on three macro-areas: energy transport, storage and new projects in hydrogen and biomethane. Thanks to our technical competences, green gas know-how and capacity to execute and deliver complex projects, we aim to become a multi-commodity infrastructure company. We will play a key role in a decisive decade for the energy transition, aiming to seize new growth opportunities in Italy and internationally, leveraging on the enabling role of energy infrastructure to reach a net zero economy.  

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