IP and Snam4Mobility: the first of 26 natural gas refuelling stations opened in Lazio

January, 2021


The first of the 26 new natural gas refuelling stations that Snam4Mobility will build within the network of IP distributors was opened in January in Rieti, Lazio under the framework agreement signed in 2018 by the two companies.

In addition to the Rieti distributor, in via Oreste di Fazio, another five distributors will be opened by 2022 in Lazio, three of which are located in motorway refuelling stations on the A1 (Mascherone East-Rome, Mascherone West-Rome, A1 Casilina Est Frosinone). This marks a significant implementation for methane car drivers in Rieti; so far only one natural gas station existed in the region.

The new service area was inaugurated in the presence of IP’s Sales Director, Simone Alfonsi, and Snam4Mobility’s Senior Vice President Filling Stations, Andrea Ricci. To celebrate the occasion, the first refuelling was carried out on a premium-level methane car: an Audi A5 G-tron, combining performance and efficiency with environmental benefits.

The new opening represents an important milestone for the growth of a natural gas distribution infrastructure for transport throughout Italy, and the two companies plan to promote increasingly sustainable mobility.

Snam4Mobility, a company wholly owned by Snam, provides integrated services for sustainable “smart green” mobility using natural gas and biomethane. To strengthen the distribution network, Snam4Mobility executes compressed gas (CNG and bio-CNG) distribution infrastructures for cars and liquefied gas (LNG and bio-LNG) for heavy transport. Snam’s 2020-2024 strategy plan envisages the construction of 150 new natural gas and biomethane refuelling stations and of the first five hydrogen refuelling stations.


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